4 Benefits of Good Nutrition for Your Dog

Like all animals and human beings, our bodies require a proper balance of nutrition. Our bodies need a certain amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins to function normally. That is why pet food manufacturers work hard to create the exact formula in their food products to give your dog what it needs on a daily basis.

Here are four benefits of good nutrition for your dog.


Builds Muscle Tone

Every cell in our body is constructed of protein. Protein is essential to building skin, muscles, hair, organs and tissues in the body. It is required to help repair damaged cells and produce new cells. That is why your dog’s diet must ensure the adequate amount of protein he needs to build and maintain healthy muscles.


  Healthy Skin and Hair

Everyone knows that dogs with healthy, shiny hair are in great condition. That is because dogs that eat a proper diet of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids produce healthy hair with shiny results. Dry skin and hair will lead to splits and ends and even fall out. Feeding your dog with the proper diet will reduce itching and irritation that are caused by environmental conditions and allergies.


 Aids in Digestion

Carbohydrates provide a decent amount of fiber to help aid in digestion. Dog food is usually formulated to give your dog the nutrients they need to enhance the digestive system and be absorbed by the body. This is vital as your dog needs all the nutrients they can get and get rid of the waste product.


Builds Immunity

The vitamins and minerals found in dog food work to keep your dog’s immune system functioning properly. Vitamins help to reduce the damage done by the cells and promote the normal function that maintains proper health. Without a sufficient supply of vitamins, your pet will become ill.

What type of dog food do you give your pets? Have you noticed an improvement or decrease in health due to their diet? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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