How to Train Your New Puppy


Puppies are a bundle of energy and curiosity. If you will be able to train them properly, they can be your best companion and can offer you unending pleasure and happiness. If you are planning to bring a puppy, you need to prepare your mind in advance for the adjustments. Both you and your puppy will need some time to understand each other’s behavior. If you respond positively to the challenges then the adjustment period will be short and less exhausting. If you are unaware of the puppy’s behavior then you can consider puppy training to make the process easier for both of you. You can go through the followings to train your puppy properly within a minimal time period.

Starting Puppy Training

Before bringing a puppy to your home, you need to do all the arrangement to offer your puppy a safe and comfortable place. As he is coming from a different environment, he might find it difficult to adjust in the initial days. He might chew any unwanted harmful things as well. Make sure that all the unused rooms are closed and there are no harmful things left open. You can dedicate some safe place for your puppy in the first few weeks to ensure that he is in the safe position and he is trying to learn the behavior and basic by observing you and your family. You can also use a dog walking service if you are at work all day.

When should you consider a dog walking service?

If you spend most of your time at your workplace and there is no one to look after your puppy, you can simply hire a dog walking service to take care of your dog in your working hours. You will find many dogs walking services in your area. They will come to your home to collect your puppy. They will take care of everything like the food, training, exercise, and fun activities. In return, you will have to spend an amount. As these are available widely, you can get one within your budget.


How to train your puppy at home

First, you will have to teach your new puppy to perform some of his daily activities independently. You need to show him where water and food dishes are located, when he needs to eat, where the bed is, and what the sleeping time is. You need to be soft and affectionate while teaching all these things. Even if you find that your puppy is not cooperating much, you should try your best to control your frustration and anger. Your anger will only complicate the matter.

You need to adopt the right method and approach to inspire the puppy to learn things fast. The initial days might be difficult. But once your puppy will be able to understand what he needs to learn to satisfy his master, you will try to learn every little thing from you. Puppies are loyal and with a right approach, you can teach all the required things within less time.

What you need to teach your new dog

Discourage your puppy from biting

Whenever your puppy tries to bite you, you just need to show that you do not like this activity. You do not need to scold him. Instead, you need to pretend that you are having great pain whenever he bites you. That will discourage him to repeat such act. If it does not help much, you can give him you a chew toy. He will appreciate it more.

Teach him the home rules

Your puppy needs to understand the discipline of your home. He should know what he needs to follow and which things should be avoided.

Teach him to respect and obey you

You just need to teach him to listen to you. You need to teach him to come when called. You can reward with something in the initial days to make it a habit.

End training on a positive note

Whenever you train your dog, make sure that you are ending it on a positive note. It will inspire your puppy to follow all the things and he will not be exhausted if you praise him for the improvements.

It is not difficult to train a puppy. You just need to know how to do and when to do it.